Career Development Program Designed to Enhance Job Performance

February 24, 2016
Cloud-County-Class-2015-2016-(1).jpgFor the seventh year, MKC teamed up with Cloud County Community College to offer 12 MKC and TMA employees a unique opportunity to further enhance their job performance and career path. Created to benefit both seasoned and new employees, the program provides knowledge and skills to help excel at their career above and beyond their regular job description.

“We recommend it [the program] because it will help develop the employee’s career and we hope to provide skills to make them not only better at what they are doing today but also for future positions within the company,” said Brett Myers, director of human resources and development, MKC. 

From November to January, employees travel to CCCC campus to attend five sessions every two weeks. During the sessions, employees learn about communication, leadership, problem-solving and team building led by CCCC instructors. To conclude the program, employees attend a dinner and graduation recognition at the beginning of February. Teams of three employees present a group project presentation addressing an opportunity or concern for the co-op implementing the skills learned throughout the program. 

“My favorite topic was when we had a discussion about Bill Snyder and his steps at being successful,” said Derek McClintock, grain operations manager at Walton and 2016 graduate of the program. “The steps are important for building a good solid team or as Snyder would call it “family.” At MKC we have all the departments: grain, energy, feed, agronomy and risk management; all built upon the idea of team building.”

Included in the multiple sessions, participants learn about interview skills, how to handle customer complaints, public speaking and business etiquette. Within the public speaking arena, employees learn about giving a proper presentation. One key insight recipients received from the program included that if a mistake is made, just continue with the presentation. “You, the presenter, may know it was a mistake, but the audience does not,” McClintock said. Myers added even after seven years of classes; the program is constantly evolving and changing to keep up to date.

“I would like to see a follow-up for graduating members; something like a yearly reunion,” McClintock said. “It would also be beneficial to present in front of people we don’t know and see how well we can handle it.”

MKC takes great pride in offering educational and progressive learning opportunities to our employees. “Employees willingness to participate in this program showcases their dedication to invest not only in their future but also in a collaborate commitment to grow together within MKC,” Myers said.

Members of the 2015-2016 Cloud County Community College class included Tifanie Brock, Abilene; Travis Grover, Walton; Jordan Flynn, TMA; Derek McClintock, Walton; Lamont Turcotte, Groveland; Aaron Bailey, Groveland; Chris Chandler, Field Marketer; Jim Bettenbrock, Field Marketer; Derek O’Dell, Moundridge; Christiana Carmichael, Haven; Alex Miller, Onaga; and John Buehrle, Admin.

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