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Business During COVID-19 by Erik Lange, MKC COO

April 20, 2020
Written by: Erik Lange, Executive Vice President and COO

While for the last several weeks, the way we do our jobs in agriculture has changed due to COVID-19, we at MKC have strived to remain constant to our mission, vision and values and our tagline of “Shared growth. Shared success.” 

I want to start by thanking all our employees for the way they have responded to this national effort of heightened awareness for health and safety.  Our team was quick to respond to the necessary changes and adopted the changes willingly and quickly.  Also, thank you to our customers and communities for working through the changes we have made during this time.  While we have put safety first, we continue to work hard to provide quality products and convenient service to our customers, just executed in a little different fashion than it has been in the past. 

While it seems this all started rather quickly, I have yet to hear of a solid way of knowing how this all will end.  We do have a dedicated team of individuals representing all departments of MKC that have been watching and meeting regularly over the past seven weeks to discuss our actions during this time. The MKC COVID-19 task force has worked diligently to make sure we are ahead of the curve on how to keep everyone safe.  Our task force is continuing their efforts until we know there is no longer a need for heightened awareness of the risks of COVID-19. 

It is also important to be aware that when this is over, life may not go right back to the way it was before, and some things will have likely changed forever.  While we don’t yet know what those changes are, I am confident in the ability of the American farmer and our rural communities to adapt and survive.
I also know that our teams at MKC will continue to adapt and adopt the practices it will take to be successful in the future. 

Once again, thanks to everyone on our team and their families who have allowed you to come to work every day. Thanks to the communities who support us daily. Thank you to the farmers and ranchers for never wavering on their commitment to feed, fuel and clothe the world!
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