Partners You Can Count On

Producer Ag LLC, a joint venture between CHS and Team Marketing Alliance, opened in May 2017. This rail loading terminal is located at Milan, KS, with 2.7 million bushels of upright slipform concrete storage at right and a 4.5-million-bushel flat storage building. The terminal is under the operation of MKC. The terminal accepts canola, wheat, corn and soybeans.

To maximize grain volume, especially during the busiest times like wheat harvest and fall crop harvest, Producer Ag routes incoming and outcoming trucks into two lanes of traffic, with equipment to match. Trucks are sampled with a pair of side-by-side probes, and processed using RFID tag readers for truck identification.

An entire team is at the location to set-up accounts, sell grain, dump trucks and more.

For all of your grain delivery needs in the Sumner County area, contact the Sumner County Terminal at (620) 399-7060. 

MKC operates one of the top professional energy departments in the state of Kansas and is dedicated to the success of our customers' operations. Our energy consultants have the expertise and experience to recommend and provide top quality products for the intended application of our customer.

For all of your petroleum and lubricant services in the Sumner County area, contact Brandi Bailey, MKC energy consoultant, at (620) 345-8909 or

Risk Management
We believe in helping producers manage their risk by combining educated crop insurance decisions with customized grain marketing strategies. In order to manage risk in the constantly changing market, field marketers must look at each and every farm individually to create a profitable risk management plan personalized to each producer.

Our grain marketing services include: 
  • Option based contracting
  • Multiple crop year contracts
  • Patron access
  • Direct shipment programs
  • Profit matrix
  • Marketing call
  • Text updates
For all of your grain marketing needs in the Sumner County area, contact Todd Schultz, TMA grain marketing specailist, at (620) 386-4825 or

Our crop insurance services include: 

Private Products:
  • Coverage for hail, wind and fire
  • Price Select - Allows you to use different averaging months for your guarantee.
  • WinSure - The option to cover the gap between your actual production history (APH) and your multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) coverage level.
  • Double Crop Soybean Revenue Program - The opportunity to cover double crop soybeans with a revenue plan.
Federal Crop Insurance: TMA is able to create customized policies
using our tools such as the Profi t Matrix and EU/OU Optimizer. TMA will go through all of the policy options with you to bring the most value to your operation.

Other Government Programs:
  • Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) - Allows producers to set a floor in the market without margin calls
  • Pasture, Range, and Forage (PRF) - Allows producers to cover average rain fall in seven month increments
For all of your crop insurance needs in the Sumner County area, contact Cole Leis, TMA crop insurance specailist, at 620-747-0793 or

Our Strategy and Implementation


The terminal is owned by Producer Ag, a 50/50 joint venture between CHS and MKC.

The facility has nearly 7 million bushels of storage composed of multiple different types of storage. Storage types include slip form and flat storage. The facility is designed to receive grain at up to 100,000 bushels per hour during harvest and load up to 80,000 bushels per hour onto the rail.

The location in Sumner County quickly stood out as an excellent area when considering the number of acres in crop production, type of acres planted, grains produced, end users for bushels produced, and the future potential for production. MKC and CHS conducted multiple studies looking at grain producing areas in the state of Kansas and have clearly identified areas that are underserved by cooperatively owned rail terminals.

This project is directly in-line with the vision of MKC to provide market relevance, current assets and excellent customer service.