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You will gain experience within both our accounting and inventory areas. You will learn the systems we use to track sales to ensure we have what customers need, how our teams work together to guarantee accurate billing and how we use the information within those systems to make decisions.

Summer projects frequently focus on process improvements to better serve both our external customers and our employees.


You will gain experience in sharing MKC’s execution of our mission, vision and values  with our customers as well as our employees. You will assist with the layout, design and writing of our newsletter and other publications, as well as content generation and social media postings.

Summer projects frequently focus on designing and updating communication pieces and building our annual meeting materials.

Information Technologies (IT)

You will gain experience assisting employees with troubleshooting issues, deploying software and hardware installation/updates, and learning how Information Technology affects agriculture and our farmers.

Summer projects frequently focus on researching and identifying future technologies to implement.

Crop Scouting

You will gain experience by putting your scouting knowledge to practical use coordinating with both our agronomy and sales teams to ensure we know what fields need our attention to minimize pressures that negatively impact harvest yields. Wide range of crops include wheat, corn, beans, grain sorghum and alfalfa.

Summer projects frequently focus on tracking migration of pests, insects and diseases through our territory to best prevent losses.

MKC Location Intern

You will gain experience in all aspects of the cooperative’s role in grain production. You will learn the entire agronomy and grain handling chain from the seed being planted in the field to the grain moving to one of our many end users.

Summer projects frequently focus on improving customer service, safety, and finding innovative ways to be efficient.

Sales Intern

You will gain experience in our approach in building relationships with the farmers we work alongside. You will learn how we work to identify farmer’s goals and build plans that manage their risks and maximize profits.

Summer projects frequently focus on identifying strategies that were used through the growing season and determining the effectiveness to indicate what adjustments need to be made in the future.

Team Marketing Alliance Intern

You will gain experience in all sides of the TMA grain marketing process including origination, crop insurance sales, logistics management and quality assurance.

Summer projects frequently focus on tracking grain available to market through our 40 different locations to ensure that we are able to maximize profits and ensure accurate fulfillment of our contracts.

Precision Agronomy Intern

You will gain experience with precision ag services available in the industry and growth of your agronomic knowledge on soils, knowledge of crop nutrient products and ability to design nutrient recommendations.

Summer projects frequently focus on analysis of the data and understanding how to use the data to help farmers make better crop decisions.