Projects With a Purpose

CoBank: In partnership with the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center and the Agricultural Economics Department at Kansas State University, a CCD intern researched and compiled grain production and available storage data for all Kansas counties. The resulting maps was rolled out in an open source document form for use by all Kansas cooperatives in decision support.

Dow AgroSciences: Dow had a popular nitrogen stabilizer that they wanted to expand the use of in their Kansas market. There was no study of how it performs in the soil profile of Kansas. Using soil type mapping, test plot data and meeting with Kansas State University professors, the intern was to provide sales staff with anecdotal evidence of how effective the product would likely be when used in Kansas.

MKC: A CCD field marketing intern designed summer intern field scouting program from the ground floor. The CCD intern was also responsible for training and supervision of the field scout interns. The intern also worked closely with a field marketer on daily sales and processes to prepare for a full-time role after graduation.
A precision agriculture CCD intern worked daily to support the MKC precision agronomy department, assisting with work order entry, variable rate prescription writing and yield mapping. The precision agriculture intern designed a presentation comparing flat rate and variable rate fertilizer application return on investment. The presentation is regularly used in grower meetings to show the value of precision agriculture.

Purina: The sales intern worked with multiple cooperative locations to develop an expanded customer list for mineral and feed trials. He conducted on-farm visits with prospective customers, assisted with educational meetings and directed feed and mineral trials.

Team Marketing Alliance: In partnership with MKC, TMA is developing grower relationships in and around Sumner County, Kansas. Following the completion of a new grain terminal in the county, a CCD intern will fill a crop insurance position. Due to being a part of the CCD, this intern will already have all needed certifications, established relationships and will be able to serve new market
customers nine months earlier than if he began the onboarding process with
TMA after graduation.
Using a similar form to the CoBank project, the TMA CCD intern is working to compile storage capacity and production information for Missouri counties bordering Kansas. TMA has added a partner in the area and this project will be used in decision support about further available opportunities.

Winfield-United: Two CCD interns worked directly with the R7 team at WinField United and a partner cooperative to import grower data into the R7 tool. This
project increased effectiveness of the R7 tool for growers by connecting the
grower’s fields and their local cooperative. It added value to a comprehensive  R7 subscription for the cooperative.
CCD interns collected and mapped geographic locations for independent crop consultants across the Midwest. This allowed WinField United to pinpoint potential areas to provide education to independent consultants, which would increase recommendations and usage of WinField United products.
Interns compiled answer plot seed usage and yield data from WinField United seed sales staff and prepared the information to be loaded into the R7 tool. This project will be used in decision support for determining what seed sets are available in the future to Kansas answer plots.