Success From the CCD Program

Cole Leis was a crop insurance specialist intern with TMA in the summer of 2016. For his summer internship project, Cole worked gathering information about potential partners and competitors in the new Sumner Country territory. This project and his participation in the CCD Program helped him transfer into his new position, which is mostly located around Sumner County.

While in the CCD Program, Cole received his crop insurance certification and completed a project for TMA and MKC looking at the different profitability and price levels of inputs, called the Location Margin History Report. In the spring semester, Cole beganworking three days a week in the Sumner county area with producers to provide TMA services.

In the summer of 2015, Scott Cain completed an internship as a Technical Seed Manager in WinField United. Following his internship, Scott began working with the CCD to help him prepare for a sales internship with WinField United in the summer of 2016. He completed projects for WinField United and began developing professional skills,
such as communication and professional networking.

In 2016, Scott completed a sales internship in Western Kansas and continued to work with the CCD Program. During the 2016-2017 school year, Scott prepared for an interview to become a part of the WinField United associates group and received the position. Scott says the knowledge he gained along with his education helped give him experiences that are necessary for his future job.