Razor Tracking Helps Employees Improve Efficiency and Services

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2/22/2017 6:43:37 PM

The Razor Tracking system shows a detailed map of one field a spray rig completed a work order for.Razor Tracking is a fleet tracking software you can access online. Employees and managers can view multiple fleet views of a single vehicle, a group of vehicles or multiple branch locations. They also can use the system to receive notification when maintenance for the vehicle is due, speeding and other informational resources.

For the past year, MKC has been using the Razor Tracking system to help improve service quality, increase profitability, improve driver security and improve customer service. MKC has installed the system in sprayers, tender trucks and pickups.

To improve service quality, the system allows employees to use multiple tools incorporated in the system to show a live image of each vehicle or piece of equipment. Having an accurate location of each driver encourages safe driving habits while in the field.

“We have been able to use the map quality of the system to help increase driver security by notifying our spray rigs operators where other operators are and what they are doing,” said MKC Agronomy Manager Jon Schmidt. “The system has allowed me as a manager to see where all of our employees are currently working. The system helps cut down on phone calls amongst each other when needing to communicate locations.”

According to the Razor Tracking website, overall companies that have used razor tracking have increased their efficiency by 25-30% while reducing their fuel cost and consumption by 15%. For example, a spray rig can decrease overlap throughout the field as it can determine where it has been, leading to lower fuel consumption.

“MKC has a total of 130 vehicles with the device,” said Darin Marti, MKC Vice President of Eastern Operations. “The system also features geo-fences that allow plant operators to know when to make fertilizers if they are close to their destination. If the driver is close to the customer’s field, the geo-fence will sense the driver who is in a five-mile range, sending an email notifying the driver to start mixing fertilizer for the next job.”

The idling time of the spray rig in the field is also decreased due to the geo-fences feature, which additionally lowers fuel consumption.

Razor Tracking has not only helped increase efficiency within the company but has improved customer service.  If a customer has questions about a work order, the system allows the manager or employee to access the app to show exactly where the MKC rig was.

Customer experience with the Razor Tracking has led to positive feedback from producers. With this sense of security and confidence, MKC has instilled more trust in their customers because of more efficient technology resources.

MKC has also established a strong relationship with the provider company of Razor Tracking leading to success on both parties when it comes to making improvements to the system in the future. Other benefits to the system include training uses for new employees or helping others learn the system.

Razor Tracking has improved efficiency on many aspects at MKC and with future plans being made they hope to increase usage rates of the system. MKC has experienced first-hand the importance of the system and they are determined to continue to learn the value it has on the internal and external communication of the cooperation. 
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