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Dale Carnegie Course Teaches Leadership Development

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12/26/2017 4:30:42 PM

Recognized as a world-famous leadership class, the Dale Carnegie class is a personal and professional development course designed to teach people the skills to communicate more effectively, manage stress and strengthen relationships. MKC has had a total of 76 employees complete one of the Dale Carnegie courses.
The course is eight weeks long and equips leaders with tools for success and allows them to learn the importance of how to handle situations they might encounter either in their career or personal life.
“The class forces you to get out of your comfort zone,” Ross Benisch, precision agriculture specialist said. “You learn many “soft skills” you need to be a leader in today’s society. The class focuses on skills that seem like common knowledge but is not a common practice in the workplace.”
Aside from the key topics covered in the course, many also learn the importance of public speaking, remembering someone’s name, overcoming stress, developing a positive mental attitude, how to motivate and inspire others, disagreeing agreeably and portraying your ideas clearly to other co-workers.
“The class provides many useful tools to help relate to and engage the audience when public speaking,” Nick Wineinger, Lindsborg assistant agronomy manager said. “The training helped me realize that there is a big difference between standing in front of a group of people and talking, opposed to getting your point or argument across by engaging the audience.”
“Not all leaders are managers,” Chelsea Busch, staff accountant said. “Everyone is a leader in one way or another. A great leader is someone who leads by example and is willing to accept the flaws of others as well as themselves. To be successful not only professionally but personally you must be able to relate and communicate effectivity with all types of individuals.
As mentioned earlier, the participants had to step out of their comfort zone. Tricia Jantz, TMA financial report manager, shared her experiences with the class and group.
“I was pushed outside my comfort zone every week when participating in the class activities and giving two-minute presentations,” Jantz said. “I also got to know 29 other co-workers very well. Many of the things I am challenged with, be it stress, work balance or employee conversations, my co-workers saw as challenges as well. I think there were times we were all uncomfortable throughout the class whether it was sharing experiences we had or having to participate in acting scenarios. As a group, we came together as a team and learned to celebrate our success.”
The Dale Carnegie courses are developed to add value to individuals and help them improve their careers. After participating in the course, Busch said she finds herself willing to step up and try new things or participate in other areas within MKC. She has more confidence in herself as well as her work performance.
“In Carnegie’s books, he discusses the difference between management and leadership,” Chris Augustine, financial planning, and reporting manager said. “Management is to maintain a process or people, but leadership takes that process or people to a higher level. The course teaches the participants how to lead better, motivate, engage others and create an environment that will allow employees to perform at their peak.”
Employees also stated that completing the class has allowed them to grow in their career and be more effective in their day to day tasks. Kathy Neufeld, MKC controller, said the Dale Carnegie class reminded me to keep things in perspective and to appreciate everyone for who they are and how they can contribute to the team. She encourages everyone who has the opportunity to be in the class to be open-minded throughout the entire process.
Graduates of the 2017 Dale Carniage class with MKC and TMA include Shelby Arnold, Chris Augustine, Brandi Bailey, Tim Bergkamp, Leah Blankley, Chelsea Busch, Dusty Campbell, Christina Carmichael, Josh Clare, Eric Constable, Jason Cowan, Jacob Gatz, Buddy Greer, Lawson Hemberger, Derek Kruger, Tim Lesslie, Chad Liebl, Nathan Miller, Kelly Reed, Todd Schultz, Ryan Schumacher, Brandon Siruta, Lance Thompson, Troy Walker, Brad Wedel, Hilary Worcester, Lane Allison, Ross Benisch. Past graduates include Tifanie Brock, Jon Brown, Chris Chandler, Brice Clark, Tyler Cramer, Jordan Flynn, Travis Grover, Kali Jantz, Ethan Knight, Rick Limon, Taylor Martin, Amy Meyers, Kathy Neufeld, Derek Odell, Jeremy Petersen, Kandee Prieb, Brandon Schrag, Ryan Sears, Matt Thiesen, Nicholas Trapp, Lamont Turcotte, Scotty Yerges, Tricia  Jantz, Rob Ashburn, Larry Brake, Brett Briscoe, Carrie Briscoe, Adam Butler, Ken Diehl, Brad Duncan, Nathan Eck, Shane Eck, Tyler Findley, Doug Graber, Tony Hieger, Don Hubbard, Jeff Jones, Christian Loganbill, Matt Long, Nick Mazouch, Derek McClintock, Alex Miller, Spencer Reames, Jonathan Reazin, Emily Reece, Chris Roberts, Jon Schmidt and Nick Wineinger.