CFA is a financial service cooperative with more than 140 local and regional cooperative members utilizing the Input Finance Program (IFP). IFP originated in 1988 and is strongly supported by our membership. The program is administered through a joint effort between MKC and CFA. Program details include the following:

Loan Purposes
  • Full crop production loans (Input Advantage Loan)
    • Deadline to apply for a wheat loan is March 1. Deadline to apply for a row crop loan is April 30.
  • Grain inventory loans (Input Advantage Loan)
  • Specific product promotion loans (Express Credit Loan)

Loan Types
  • Secured or unsecured loans (depending on loan size and credit quality)

Application Process
  • Simple application process
    • Credit application
    • Collateral worksheet

Interest Rate
  • Variable rate (contact us for interest rate quote)

Collateral Requirements
  • Lien position, assignment of insurance, buyer’s notification and collateral requirements are based on loan size and credit quality

Repayment Terms
  • Maturity date:
    • Input Advantage Loan – on or before February 15
    • Express Credit Loan – on or before December 15
  • No pre-payment penalty

Loan Fees
  • $125 per year for crop production loans
  • One loan covers all crops

Approval Time
  • Typically, a credit decision is communicated to MKC within 24 hours of receiving a completed application