Why does MKC offer CFA to their customers?
MKC has chosen CFA as a finance partner because of their thorough understanding of farm and ranch operations, and the financing requirements necessary for MKC customers. MKC and CFA understand the input dollar needs and cash flows that go into making your operation successful and profitable. With more than 10 years of experience with this program, we are confident it offers ease of doing business and a solid financing option for our customers.

Are the interest rates variable? 
Yes. The interest rates are variable and can change during the life of the loan.

Do I have to deliver and sell my grain to MKC or purchase my crop insurance through Team Marketing Alliance?
No. While MKC and TMA specialists are always available to meet your needs, you do not have to deliver your grain to MKC or purchase crop insurance through TMA.

Do I have to re-apply each crop year?
Yes. This is a non-revolving financing agreement approved for a specific crop year.

If approved for a loan, where can the loan be used?
The loan must be used for services provided by MKC including fertilizer, seed, crop protection products, application, lime, grid sampling, fuel and crop insurance.