Field Marketers

Outstanding in their field.


When it's critical to have the job done right the first time, you can rely on MKC's Field Marketers to help you successfully plan and manage inputs for your operation.

  • Professionally trained and certified
  • Accessible for dependable, timely services
  • Offering competitive products and services
  • Follow-up service for review and planning

Contact an MKC field marketer to learn more about the services offered.

  • Brandon Schrag
    Field Marketer
  • Jim Bettenbrock
    Field Marketer
  • Jared Jones
    Field Marketer
  • Chad Liebl
    Field Marketer
  • Chris Thompson
    Field Marketer
  • Lucas Hamm
    Field Marketer
  • Jeremy Petersen
    Field Marketer
  • Jared Miller
    Senior Field Marketer
  • Shelby Arnold
    Field Marketer
  • Chris Chandler
    Field Marketer
  • Nathan Anderson
    Field Marketer
  • Lindsey Reid
    Winfield Associate
  • Kevin Whitehair
    Senior Field Marketer
  • Tyler Cramer
    Field Marketer
  • Mike Zacharias
    Field Marketer


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