• Dave Christiansen
    President and CEO
  • Dave Spears
    Senior Vice President and CMO
  • Danny Posch
    Senior Vice President and CFO
  • Erik Lange
    Senior Vice President and COO
  • Darin Marti
    Vice President of Eastern Operations
  • Steve Peterson
    Vice President of Northern Operations
  • Jeff Jones
    Director of Southern Operations
  • Nathan Eck
    Director of Central Operations
  • Jon Brown
    Director of Facilities Management
  • David Sell
    Director of Energy Operations
  • Brett Myers
    Director of Human Resources and Development
  • Amy Meyers
    Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Nichole Gouldie
    Communications Specialist
  • Hilary Worcester
    Coordinator of Talent and Industry Partnerships
  • Kent Nichols
    Agronomy Sales Manager and Seed Manager
  • Troy Walker
    Agronomy Field and Precision Ag Manager
  • Shane Eck
    Senior Location Manager in Lindsborg
  • Jonathan Reazin
    Senior Location Manager
  • Larry Brake
    Senior Location Manager
  • Spencer Reames
    Senior Location Manager


April 7
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Larry Goerzen Retirement Celebration


Sunrise / Sunset
Live support
We are sorry, but support is not available at the moment.