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Farmers Cooperative Association Members Approve Merger with MKC March 11, 2014

In a special meeting on Thursday, March 6, the membership of Farmers Cooperative Association approved a merger with MKC in an overwhelming 91% vote of approval. The merger will take effect June 1, 2014.

Citing a need to grow to stay relevant in the industry, the board of directors for Farmers Cooperative Association started looking into merging with another cooperative almost two years ago. We felt MKC was the best fit for our members, stated Hal Mayer, Chairman of Farmers Cooperative Board of Directors. We believe the 91% approval rating by the members indicates they want this too.

Based in Manhattan, Farmers Cooperative Association has locations in Alta Vista, Manhattan, Onaga and Westmoreland. Its
services include grain, feed, agronomy and fuel for more than 2,000 members and patrons.

MKCs newly expanded territory will have 41 locations in 14 counties.

CJ Blew, Chairman of MKCs board of directors commented the merger will help to strengthen the cooperative system. We
are excited about the opportunity the board, management and membership of Farmers Cooperative Association has given MKC, stated Blew. One thing Im certain of is we will be better together.

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